Hardwood refinishing


The importance of hardwood refinishing

Every wood floor will need the hardwood floor refinishing service sometime during its lifespan. Daily wear can leave signs and damage, including scratches, scuffs, and water spots, which require professional attention. But refinishing can erase them as if they never happened, leaving a beautiful finish.

If you've never been through a hardwood refinishing process, you'll want to know more about what to expect. Understanding the process can help you easily plan for and get through the service. Here are some facts about refinishing to help get you started.

Do you need hardwood floor refinishing?

Some homeowners are unsure about their need for wood floor refinishing, especially if there is no apparent damage. But if the finish has worn off, it allows liquids and moisture to soak into the wood, creating the need for refinishing. Other times, the damages can signify the need to refinish.

Scratches, dents, gouges, and water spots are usually visible enough to point to the refinishing need, making it easier to know for sure. Another sign that your floors need professional attention is heavy discoloration, with gray and black spots. If you're unsure, our associates can assess your floors to find out.



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The hardwood refinishing process

Sanding floors is the first step in the actual hardwood floor refinishing process, but this comes after emptying and preparing the room. We will discuss all the details before the installation starts so you know what to expect. Once the floors are sanded, a fresh coat of stain in your choice of colors is the next step.

Finally, depending on your preferences and requirements, a glossy or textured finish is added. A textured finish can help reduce signs of wear, hiding light scratches and scuffs so you won't have to refinish your floors often. Finally, a sealant is added during wood floor refinishing to ensure excellent wearability for years.

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